#651 (Mammoth) Herd Bull - Born Spring 2002

This is our herd bull "Mammoth".  He was born in May of 2002 and was the First Place Yearling and Grand Champion of the Missouri Bison Association's Annual Spring Show & Sale in Diamond, MO in 2004.  As a yearling, his weight prior to transportation to the show was 1,235 lbs.  He is the grandson of the National Grand Champion "Black Mountain".  His mother was the 1999 Wild Rose Classic First Place Gold Winner.













Pictures were taken December 2005



Pictures taken in 2008

6yr. old bull (Mammoth - he is growing up!)

#9   8yr. old cow (we call her the Hotdog)
It is hard to get pictures of her, because she always has to watch what you are doing.


#61  6yr. old cow (she is the Savior)

#12 Miley  2yr. old heifer - This is our bottle baby


#226   7yr. old cow (She produces nice big calves every year)

#4   6yr. old cow (she produces great calves every year)
She was the Grand Champion Reserve and 1st Place 2yr. old in the
2004 Spring Show and Sale in Diamond, MO.


#55  7yr. old cow

#79 (Eunis)  4yr. old cow - She was a Grand Champion and 1st place calf in the
2004 Fall Show & Sale in Macon, MO.
She was sired by King and Big E of Bill & Lee Ann Bolinger's herd located in Texas.

#20 (Ethel) yearling - full blood sister to #79 (Eunis)
Mother is Big E and sired by King of Bill & Lee Ann Bolinger's herd located in Texas.

#24 (Piglette) yearling
Mother is Pig and sired by King of Bill & Lee Ann Bolinger's herd located in Texas.

Midnight - 4 yr. old bull (he is a beautiful dark bull but young yet)

3 Bulls - Mammoth (herd bull), Zippo (keeps Mammoth on his toes), and Midnight.

#5 (she is about 17 years old and has one of the nicest calves every year)

#57  2yr. old heifer (mother is #5 pictured above & sired by Mammoth)
She is also for sale.

#41   7yr. old Cow

#3  10yr. old cow (she is the boss & everyone knows it!)

#3 with her 10 month old bull calf sired by Mammoth

#2 (Bullet) 3-1/2 yr. old Cow - she is always full of spunk
Her mother is our boss cow #3, pictured above.

#135 (Zippo) 5yr. old bull (he is here to keep our herd bull on his toes)

#8  7yr. old cow

Calf of #8 born on 5-18-08 picture taken 8-7-08.

#827  3yr. old cow - she had her first calf this year.
Calf was sired by the Watchbull previously from our herd.

#827 bull calf born on 6-2-08

#19  3yr. old cow (mother is #979 & sired by Max, previously our herd bull)


A few herd pictures

Watch out when baling hay!

Naturally, bison meat is so delicious that our local restaurant wanted to advertise the meat
they purchase from us and offer to their customers.